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Random Musings

It's About Time

I've been so busy working on finishing the sequel to The Scent of God, and connecting with the publisher on my soon to be released A View of the Lake, that I've neglected this blog which, if properly utilized provides a great tool for keeping me focused and on track. We've been enjoying a several months hiatus in Florida with its attendant delights -- beach, pool, parks, bikes, nearby access to everything from food to movies (I mention the latter two items because on the North Shore of Lake Superior "nearby" access does not exist). Visits from friends and family seeking to escape the blustery brutal winter that's prevailed elsewhere across the nation provided yet another excuse to neglect my blogging here and elsewhere. Nevertheless, I've almost finished the second (well actually 4th) draft of Looking for Francesca with its attendant letting of blood, tears, and laughter. Because the manuscript has grown unwieldy with stories, each of which to my eyes is important, I've applied for a Arts Board Grant for editorial critique by a professional with a sharp eye and merciless hand.
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