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Dear Reader,

You've waited and it's finally here: the new edition of The Scent of God. The memoir Ann Patchett called "A terrifying, passionate, and exalted examination of what it means to love with your whole heart.


The Scent of God is the story of the search for God that led to the forbidden and, ultimately, transformative love for a man of God that changed my life. This edition has a new cover, new interior design, Introduction and updated after word and is available in both print and e-book.


The Scent of God went out of print several years ago and had slipped into near oblivian, although copies continue to circulate constantly through the senior residence where my husband and I live. For years, I mulled whether a new edition made sense. "Oh, but you must," writing friends said. "There is a whole generation of new readers who would love it" said Marly, one of the dearest, who also offered to help. Her enthusiasm, and your assistance in spreading the word, will help make this new edition welcome.


As you might or might not know, until recently I lived on Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior - a magical place of birch, maple, and pine forests, rugged cliffs, wildlife -- fox, moose, bear, wolves, chickadees, nuthatches, wild geese, chipmunks and the ever-present and ever-foraging deer. And yes, there are humans, not a lot of them (especially in winter), but mostly a creative, hardy lot. My husband called our home "Beryl's Monastery," because it is a remote and silent place and conducive to a meditative way of life.


 My husband and I moved to the Twin Cities in summer 2017 when we discovered we'd aged and needed to be closer to family and medical care. It's been quite an adjustment, as Lake Superior was my muse for many years, and I miss her constant tutelage and inspiration. I've only recently emerged from a yearlong writers block, discovering that inspiration is found when you look for it. 


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Whatever the reason for your visit, you'll find plenty about my work and me here and I hope you'll come back frequently to check blogs and to look for updated news.