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from this award winning memoir of the search for God that led Bissell into a cloister and out again 15 years later, read by the author.

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Pincushion Mountain
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Meditation Bench at Lake Superior Home
As you might or might not know, I live on Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior - a magical place of birch, maple, and pine forests, rugged cliffs, wildlife -- fox, moose, bear, wolves, chickadees, nuthatches, wild geese, chipmunks and the ever-present and ever-foraging deer. And yes, there are humans, not a lot of them (especially in winter), but mostly a creative, hardy lot.

My husband calls our home "Beryl's Monastery," because it is a remote and silent place and conducive to a meditative way of life.

This is where I work-- a hermitage on our property -- cut off from phone and online access. While it doesn't look like much, it's a miraculous little place with a large wooden slab on which to write, a view of the lake, an antique rocking chair, and piles of books to inspire my muse.

I wrote most of The Scent of God in this shed at what was then a writing retreat for women called Norcroft. When the retreat center closed, its founder offered me one of its four sheds as recompense for the times I acted as caretaker. I did not ask for the same shed where I became a writer but that was the shed delivered. A lovely happenstance among the many that continue to fill my life.

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