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We are an Easter People

April 16, 2014

Have you ever received an Easter card proclaiming “We are an Easter People?”

In an article in the April 11-24, 2014 edition of The National Catholic Reporter, Peg Ekerdt wrote of having received such a card from “a mother of 13, grandmother of more, who was living with an advanced stage of breast cancer . . . Barb wanted all whom she loved to know that the power of faith transforms even death.” These words say more the traditional Happy Easter messages that do little save to remind us to dye the eggs, buy the chocolate bunnies, and perhaps . . . maybe . . . attend church to celebrate faith.

Who are these Easter people? Easter people probably don’t think of themselves as such. They might or might not be Christians. For that matter, they might not even believe in God. But Easter people surround us. They reveal themselves by the way they care for and love one another, the way they live with honor and honesty and work to make their bit of the earth a better place to live. They are the ones who share what they have with those needier than themselves, who celebrate the good that surrounds them, they are the ones who greet adversity with courage and yet continue to hope. Keep your eyes open for these “Easter People,” you might discover that you are one of them.

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