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It's Out and It's Beautiful

June 3, 2011

A View of the Lake is finally out and it is truly beautiful, from front cover to back cover and everything in between. The publisher held a launch party for me and the book last night, June 2, 2011. A beautiful fresh smoked salmon, cheeses, crackers, wine, chocolates. I signed plenty of books, and was even televised briefly during the event. You can access the link by clicking on the photo of the book. There's a short commercial ad first, which is a bit disconcerting prior to my 10 seconds of video fame.

I worked for hours preparing for the reading, intersecting the story behind the book with short excerpts from various chapter. Reading are my favorite author event because of the spontaneity and interaction with the audience. My husband was convinced I was over prepared(Remember that old adage about the poor dress rehearsal preceding the successful presentation?) Well, based on the audience's reactions last night, that's not true.

Meanwhile, the weather here on Lake Superior remains totally unpredictable. Mostly gray and overcast skies with intermittent sun and not nearly enough warmth. The hummingbirds swarm around our feeders, at war as always. I've heard that some die of starvation so busy are they at making sure no one else gets to eat. The gold finches are territorial as well and not at all like our beloved chickadees that dash in, grab a seed and politely depart to eat it elsewhere.

A few days ago, I looked out at our lake and saw three otters swim past our home on the big lake. I have no idea where they were heading but they resembled dolphins as they flew past . . . Water- not airborne- dolphins, surfacing and diving with wonderful grace.

And now -- trumpets please! -- I finished writing the sequel to The Scent of God-- the book which so many of you have been waiting for. Writing the book has allowed me to hear my deceased daughter's voice as I couldn't hear it during her short life. It has transformed our relationship from one of anguish to one of celebration for the wonderful, wild, loving, feeling young woman she was. I feel that this is my most important book and when published will complete the trilogy of memoirs I've been working on for over 20 years. The same writing friend who gave me the title for The Scent of God, has suggested the perfect title for this book: The Glass Chrysalis. What do you think?

Thanks for being such faithful readers. I pray that your hearts are suffused with inner peace and that the radiance of your lives will shine upon others.

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