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January 3, 2011

On this 3rd day of the New Year, I send you best wishes for a year of good health and shared laughter. May you find every day a new adventure. May every day find you growing in compassion, inner peace, and gratitude.

Great News! My second book, A View of the Lake, is being released this May by Lake Superior Port Cities Inc. If you've ever dreamed of pulling up stakes and moving to that special place you've discovered, this is the book for you. Actually, anyone who loves Lake Superior or any lake for that matter will laugh and learn along with us as we put down roots in a place we knew nothing about. We'd fallen in love with a view and impulsively decided to move.

We've lived full time on Lake Superior for the last 13 years but this year my husband Bill and I absconded to Florida after battling bronchitis and double pneumonia for seven weeks. Though I miss our wonderful Lake Superior winters, it is nice to run around out of doors without having to don a ski mask or worrying about slipping on ice. Bill had visions of me doing just that: of returning from Detroit where he works to find a well-preserved wife lying dead in the driveway. I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time cooking down here and am not always happy about it, as my writing has fallen into a black hole. When I'm not cooking, I hang out with Bill and/or try to solve the numerous computer glitches that took both our computers by surprise here in Florida. I've been doing a lot of "chatting" on help lines, but that's around it as far as communication goes.

With Bill’s return to Detroit, I plan to get back to my writing . . . If I can summon the discipline. Now that A View of the Lake is with the publisher I need to finish the sequel to The Scent of God – which, after several false starts – is well on the way to completion.

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An impetuous move to Lake Superior transforms a life
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