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Live Chat: Book Blog: Week Seven (Arkansas)

June 15, 2007

"What are you reading and why?" Perhaps you've heard this question asked on NPR to persons (usually with impressive credentials) from a wide variety of backgrounds. I don't know about you, but I LOVE it when friends tell me about a great new book (or old book) that has them all revved up. These personal raves have a greater impact on me than the finest reviews written by book critics. I carry a list of these in my purse to buy next time I gravitate toward my favorite bookstore.

So, when Tonia G., a popular blogger on suggested that, as hostess for my blog tour this week, she interview a reader, I thought the idea sounded intriguing. I did not realize just what a wonderful idea Tonia had come up with until I learned that her reader had fallen in love with the book on first reading and insisted on reading it a second time before letting Tonia read it herself. What more could an author hope for? Tonia and Deb's chat is dazzling in its perceptive and articulate power.

The entire blog tour event, begun in early April, has been an outstanding experience for me. Had I gone in search of the perfect readers and the most astute interviewers I could not have chosen better tour hosts than the bloggers I asked to work with me in this effort. Each of them has brought a unique perspective and thoughtful approach to the reading of my book and the interview questions they've asked me to answer.

By the way, for all those who buy my book and wish me to sign it, I am offering free, signed, self-stick bookplates to paste inside your copy. Send me your request through the contact link in this website with your name and address and the quantity of bookplates you wish to receive.

I also love doing conference calls with book clubs who have adopted The Scent of God. Contact me at the above address to discuss a convenient time for such a call.

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