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Blog Tour: Weeks Four and Five

June 4, 2007

Week Five: Massachusetts

I am off to Massachusetts today for the fifth event in my national book blog tour. Today I will visit Patry Francis, a favorite Gather member and author of The Liarís Diary, a book which held me captive for several days last week and which I reviewed on at the above link. Patry, as many of you know is also a Gather Essentials Book Columnist.

Patry has invited me post a guest blog on her Simply Wait blog . As we were discussing my guest blog, she mentioned that she was curious to know how my life as a cloistered nun impacted and prepared me for the solitary life of an author.

This was question that in all the talks and readings I've done to date no one has thought to ask before. I didn't realize it would be such a challenging question to answer. It took me two days to tackle the topic but when I finally sat down to write, the words flowed and even I was surprised by the answers I reached.

I'd love you to meet Patry, if you haven't already, as well as her many fans. So why donít you come with me to visit. Sheís invited anyone who cares to join the conversation.

Week Four: Oregon

My blog tour today takes me to Portland Oregon to one of my very favorite bloggers, David Rochester. I first encountered David when we were members of the now defunct blogging site In his wonderful welcoming ways, David commented on my first post there and when I checked him out I became an avid fan of his writing.

David has a wonderful, quirky wit that transforms everyday experiences into events worth pondering. I know that sounds strange -- quirky wit not usually associated with the weighty sense of "pondering." But David knows how to draw a reader and then set them thinking. He couldn't have chosen a more appropriate blog name than he did. "Quotidian Vicissitudes" embraces both the humor and the depth.

Don't miss checking him out if you haven't already. The review he posted for his blog event is especially powerful because he shares in depth what reading The Scent of God meant to him. Here is the link to his blog.

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